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14 weeks +

14 weeks +

Hanging with Aurora & Paris Atlanta 7 wks Atlanta 8 wks 8 wks Atlanta 7 wks


Dog, Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd/Sarplaninac, Female

DOB: 2/10/2019 (Under 1 yr)


Prairie Fleur's LGD


Great PyreneesMaleWhite; wolf gray mask
London is our farm LGD and my personal buddy. He is fabulous with children, protective of his animals and property and a wonderful sire. This is his second litter of puppies and I couldn't be happier with what he's produced. He is highly intelligent and is great with our chickens, ducks, goats and farm cats altho he does steer clear of the horses just a bit. He loves Paris and he loves a few pets in the evening. :) He is my personal dog in a way as he'll do almost anything I ask of him (even hopping in a strange vehicle to go to the vet!). He is ever so gentle with small children and will let them crawl all over him. He is rather stand offish when were not home which is exactly how I like my LGDs. He keeps an eye out for hawks during the day and no matter how much he's enjoying a bit of play time with his people if he hears something he feels needs chasing off the place, he's off to check it out and keep the place secure.
  White; wolf gray mask

Prairie Fleur's LGD


Anatolian ShepherdFemaleTan; black face
DOB: 8/12/20154 yrs
Paris is a Sarplaninac/Anatolian Sherpherd cross that we purchased after a previous dog didn't work out. She is still young and in training, but she loves her goats and gets very concerned when anything upsets them. July 26, 2018 she had her first litter of pups, a whacking 11 of them, altho 2 of them didn't end up surviving. Paris is an Excellent mama and her pups are definitely not lacking in the food department even tho there's 9 of them. At 4 weeks they are already showing their working genetics and barking at things they believe don't belong.
  Tan; black face


Atlanta is an exceptionally sweet puppy and my personal favorite from this litter. She has her sires sweet laid back temperament and would make a fantastic pet and LGD combination. At 4 months she is actively barking when coyotes are around and aware of her surroundings. If I could I'd be keeping this one!

Price reduced due to needing to cut down on the dog food bill NOT thru any fault of her own. Also we feel this outstanding puppy needs to be bonding with her forever family rather than us so we have temporarily reduced her price to help her find her new home. Price will go up again as her training and value as a working dog increase.

Updated 8/4/2019